Thursday, August 2, 2007

News from North Carolina

Chicken raisers can run afoul of zoning
"A Maryland woman has a blog called Urban Chicken Underground, dedicated to changing municipal laws and legalizing chickens. In Chapel Hill, residents have petitioned the Town Council to relax the town's chicken rules."

That Maryland woman would be me. I don't understand all of these "chicken complaints." I get to listen to annoying barking dogs all day. I don't like dogs, except for the Siberian husky that lives at our house. I certainly don't like other people's non-stop barking dogs. How is a little scratching and clucking worse than that? Heck, even if I had a rooster, he couldn't compete with the Harley engine revving down the street.

Bring on the roosters.

Chickens are, too, snuggly!

That AP reporter that I talked to some weeks ago actually DID write an article! The article is about the Urban Chicken Underground. The article claims that chickens aren't snuggly, but I disagree completely. I've spent a lot of time snuggling chickens in my life. (To the left is a picture of me snuggling with Gertrude the Guinea fowl!)

The article is also mentioned in another article in the Dallas News, Pet chickens don't ruffle feathers in the 'burbs!

The Urban Chicken Underground is even popular in Sweden! "29-├еriga Sarah Hempel Irani som har bloggen Urban Chicken Underground, k├дmpar f├╢r att det ska bli till├еtet att ha h├╢ns hemma ├дven n├дr man bor i staden."

Chickens at the Land O' Hempel in Olivet.