Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Join the Urban Chicken Underground

Hi, dear readers! I would really like for this blog to be a group blog. If you are interested in participating, send an e-mail to "food (at) eatlocalfrederick (dot) com!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NPR Chickens

Foul Economy Has City Residents Raising Chickens

The recession has some city residents campaigning to raise chickens in their backyard тАФ basically to save a little cash by growing their own food. So more and more cities are passing laws allowing them to do that. In Maine, Portland's City Council voted to allow residents to keep up to six hens тАФ but no roosters.

City Folk Flock To Raise Small Livestock At Home
by Megan Verlee

City dwellers are accustomed to being awakened at night by the occasional siren or the roar of a low-flying jet. But the nocturnal disturbances in a Denver neighborhood have a slightly more agrarian feel.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


The keeper of this blog has moved to Pennsylvania, perhaps one of the most farm-friendly states in America. This is a state where farmers aren't escorted off their farms in handcuffs like common criminals for selling raw milk. If you'd like to be a regular contributer to this blog, drop a line!

Urban Chicken Undergroud in Frederick County

From the Frederick News Post:

BRUNSWICK -- Chickens are allowed in New York City, Baltimore and Chicago. But Brunswick will not be joining that list of cities in allowing a limited number of chickens kept in residential areas.

A group of residents hoped that Brunswick would consider adopting an ordinance to allow each household a limited number of chickens. The City Council voted against drafting an ordinance at its Tuesday night meeting.

Chickens were once common in Brunswick, as in most areas of America, as a source of meat and eggs. But as cities modernized, farming and food sources became a mainstay of rural areas.

With the rise of organic farming and the local food movement, many people are looking to raise their own chickens. is a resource for chicken owners in urban and suburban settings. READ MORE...

It is a load that raising chickens will cause noise and disease to break out in the rural town of Brunswick. Chickens have been raised in urban areas for centuries! Fight for Chickens!