Monday, May 21, 2007

From Stacey and Olivia

A dear reader has left snipits in the comments box from a wonderful presention that her ten-year-old daughter is giving to the city council. It is so valuable that I am going to re-print it here!

Why I think that we should be allowed to raise pet chickens, by Olivia.

1) Pet hens (no roosters of course!) are quieter than dogs or parrots, and when they are well-cared-for they DO NOT SMELL (just like any other pet).

2) I believe in helping the environment and sustainable living. Chickens are the ultimate тАЬReduce / Recycle / ReuseтАЭ because they eat garden scraps and then provide fertilizer for the garden AND FRESH EGGS! The organic eggs are healthier than store-bought ones and they donтАЩt waste fossil fuels transporting them from far away!

3) Over the past 5 years there has been a growing movement of тАЬurban chickensтАЭ. Both large cities and small towns are changing their zoning ordinances to allow a small number of PET chickens (not a farm or business) for each house. Locally, Cape Elizabeth allows them and Westbrook is changing their laws to allow them.

4) Pet chickens are fun and affectionate pets and they help bring the neighborhood together.

5) Raising animals is very educational and teaches responsibility and kindness. ItтАЩs good for the neighborhood community because kids get to see the chickens. I talked to 20 of my neighbors and all of them are 100% supportive and excited to have chickens in the neighborhood!

6) ItтАЩs good to be not so dependent on food from far away. Eat locally!

7) Chickens eat lots of mosquitoes, ticks and bugs. Good for the neighborhood!

8) My chickens will lead happy, healthy lives. They will be in an enclosed pen, though, and not roam onto anyone elseтАЩs yard (like some dogs and cats do!)

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